Admission in Senior Citizens' Home


  1. The eligibility conditions for allotment of accommodation in SCH are as given below: –
  • One should be an Air Veteran drawing Air Force Pension and; above 60 years of age and; should be an AFA member. Upon allotment of a room, his/her spouse would be eligible to stay with him/her in SCH and his/her stay in SCH would continue on the demise of the spouse, should he/she so desire.
  • Widow of an Air Veteran in receipt of Air Force Family Pension, above the age of 55 years and an AFA member.  However, the late Air Veteran should have attained the age of 60 on the date of allotment as per his date of birth.
  • The eligibility for accommodation in SCH as given in sub paras (a) & (b) above shall not extend to their children.

Note:  A Medical Certificate duly certifying the applicant being free from any infection or contagious disease as well as mental or psychological disorder would be required to be furnished prior to allotment.

Registration fees

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