The Marshal Trust carries out a large number of welfare activities such as:-

• Providing scholarships to deserving wards of serving Air Warriors up to the rank of JWO including NC(E) , DSC & Veterans.

• Providing financial assistance for rehabilitation to such veterans or their families those who are in dire need.

• Providing financial assistance/grants during natural calamities.

• Providing financial assistance/grants to organisations/ institutions established for the welfare of Veterans & their family.

• Providing financial assistance/grants to meet emergent medical needs.

• Promoting the essence of trust through periodicals letters, Air Force routine orders & web page of AFA.


     The applications for financial grant are to be submitted as per the format given at Appendix ‘A’ (modified) to these Instructions.

Applications for grants from the Trust may be received by any of the following agencies :-

• Trust office C/O AFA Head Office, Air Force Station, New Delhi, Race Course, New Delhi – 03

• AFA Head Office at Air Force Station New Delhi, Race Course, New Delhi – 03

• AFA Branch/Chapter Offices.

• Air HQs/Command HQs.

• Any Air Force Station.


   These requests are received in MAFT through the application in hard copy/soft copy for proper screening. The deserving cases are then put through two committee i. e. Screening Committee & Executive Committee.

The Screening Committee consists of the following: –

SL NoMembers DesignationPresent Member
01Managing TrusteeAVM SK Gagneja VSM (Retd)
02DPS Air HQGp Capt Rakesh Chadha
03Manager cum Chief AcctsWg Cdr Bhupinder Singh (Retd)
04WO i/c Trust (In Attendance)JWO Naveen Kumar Pandey


The Executive Committee consists of the following members: –


SL NoMembers DesignationPresent Member
01ChairmanAir Chief Mshl RKS Bhadauria PVSM AVSM VM (Retd)
02Vice ChairmanAir Mshl Jagjeet Singh PVSM VSM (Retd)
03Managing TrusteeAVM SK Gagneja VSM (Retd)
04AOC AFNDAir Cmde Sartaj Bedi VM VSM
05Legal AdvisorGp Capt KS Bhati (Retd)
06Manager (In Attendance)Wg Cdr Bhupinder Singh (Retd)


Office Bearer

SL No DesignationPresent Name
01Manager cum Chief Accts (on appointment)Wg Cdr Bhupinder Singh (Retd)
02WO IC Trust (on posting)JWO Naveen Kumar Pandey
03SNCO /NCO IC Trust (on posting)Vacant

         Both the committees are to meet once in a quarter to consider & finalise the applications. The decision of the Executive Committee will always be final.

Category Prioritisation of Individuals: –

Any individual may make an appeal for a grant from the Trust. However, as it may not be possible to satisfy all valid demands that may be received, gravity of financial distress being the same, categorization of priority may have to be set for individuals filing a request for financial grant. The following categorization is set in descending order of priority:-

• An AFA member or his/her dependents

• An IAF person retired/widow/serving(lower ranks) or his/her dependents ;

• Any retired defense services person or his/her dependents ;

• Any Government service person, serving/retired or his/her dependents ;

• Any other individual :

• Individuals who do not have any other avenue for financial assistance be given priority over those who have possibilities for help from other sources.

Limits of Grant: Dispensation will be made quarterly/annually. The maximum one-time grant that may be authorized from the Trust to any individual, shall be limited to Rs. 2,50,000/- in exceptional cases.