Welfare bulletin

Updation of Members Directory

The Members’ Directory in the website has been updated. Members are advised to use the following procedure for assessing the profile page on the website.
  1. on the internet.
  2. Once the site opens – Click “Life Members Directory” under Member Directory.
  3. Enter either of the particulars – Rank – Service No. – First Name – Last Name – City – Email (please type only the details which is sure to you). If any member want to search his profile, please type only Service No. and search).
  4. Your details Rank – First Name – Last Name – Service No. will appear. Click First Name or Last Name, your full details will appear.
  5. Check if all particulars are correct.
In case of any correction/addition including photographs (single/joint) needs to be done, then these can be sent to AFA Head Office for updation on your profile page. You can email to us at [email protected]
All members are advised to update their particulars including address. E-Fq-VRUYAI12iI