Procedure to start new schoLArship

Procedure to be followed for introduction of A new scholarship scheme

A request letter should be sent by the sponsor to AFA specifying the following information-

(a) Name of Scholarship

(b) Sponsor’s name

(c) Scholarship group (II-XII or Undergraduate Professional/Non-professional)

(d) No. of Scholarships

(e) Scholarship Amount (As per the attached list)

(f) Co-ordinator with address and contact details.

(g) Other details if any.

On approval by AFA, the Principal amount will be invested by AFA and the interest earned thereof will be utilized for grant of the scholarship(s). For yearly based remittance scholarship schemes, proposed to be introduced by the sponsor, similar intimation as mentioned above is required to be sent to AFA.
Acceptance of formal consent by the sponsor is by signing the terms and conditions of the Scheme formulated by AFA. Consent letter is attached. Please sign and submit by post or send scanned copy through and email too at [email protected]